Young Professionals Board

by Daniel Alexander

We are excited to announce that Amizade is launching a new Young Professionals Board to further engage some of our passionate alumni and bring a wider range of thoughts and perspectives to our Board of Directors. We’re looking for our inaugural class of four new board members and would love for you to join us.

Role Description

Our Young Professionals (YP) Board will support Amizade to advance its global Fair Trade Learning missions and values. YP Board members will have a unique opportunity to give back to and actively shape the future of the organization by providing fresh observations and ideas, working closely with Amizade’s current Board members, and planning their own events. Specific membership duties include:

  • Individually present a proposal to the board on a recommended change for Amizade during their term
  • Plan at least one social event and one fundraiser every year
  • Provide consulting and advisory support for new or prioritized initiatives
  • Run recruitment for the next class of YP Board members
  • Rotate between committees on the Board of Directors every six months (optional)


Requirements for Membership

We expect that our YP Board members will make the following commitments:

  • Age between college grad and 30
  • Serve for 2 years
  • Attend all quarterly board meetings
  • Raise at least $500 per year (including participation in group fundraising efforts)*

 How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, please use this link to tell us some basic information about you and submit a private <2 minute video that best highlights your passion for the role. Here are some guiding questions to keep in mind for your application:

  • How did you get involved with Amizade?
  • Why do you want to be part of Amizade’s YP Board? Are there other ways you’d like to be involved as an Amizade alumni?
  • What is your employment and volunteer history (including current)?
  • What skills, assets, or connections will you bring to the YP Board?
  • What do you think is the primary function of a YP Board for a non-profit organization?

The application period has been extended. Applications are due on Friday, April 7th. Feel free to reach out to Michelle Zhu ( with any questions about the YP Board or application process. We hope you will consider applying for this great opportunity to not only learn and gain valuable Board experience but also serve and give back.

 *If the financial commitment will be an issue, please contact Michelle Zhu to discuss your situation.

Apply to become a Young Professional Board Member