Host Family Role:

The US-Bound Youth Ambassadors Program with South America is designed for Bolivian and Peruvian teenagers ages 15-17. Students will stay with host families from the Pittsburgh area for 2 weeks from October 22- November 5, 2016. While the youth participants will have leadership workshops and team-building activities scheduled for them most of those days, host families provide an enriching, personal window into American and Pittsburgh culture.

In addition to the 20 teenage Youth Ambassadors, this program also includes 4 adult mentors who will accompany the group to the United States. If you are specifically interested in hosting an adult mentor, contact us at

Host Family Expectations:

  • Hosting
    Ideally, we encourage host families to host two students. Even if you can only accommodate one guest in your house, we still encourage you to apply.  If a separate bedroom is not available for your guest or guests, we ask that the guest have their own bed and share a bedroom with a child of the same gender.
  • Communication
    Families are responsible for clearly communicating their expectations and rules about phone and internet use, curfew and bedtime, laundry, clean-up, meals, and other household rules.  Students will speak in English, but families should keep in mind the language and cultural barrier. Patience, open communication, respect, and a good sense of humor are helpful tools to draw on when hosting a foreign guest.
  • Meals
    Host families are responsible for providing breakfast for their host student(s) each morning, as well as other meals as designated. Amizade will provide lunch for students on weekdays and some dinners when program activities are planned for the evening.
  • Transportation
    Students will need to arrive at The Global Switchboard (305 34th Street) at a designated time each morning. Assistance from host families with morning drop-off is very helpful. We may be able to accommodate those who are unable to provide morning transportation. Evening transportation will be mostly covered by Amizade vans delivering delegates to each host family residence.
  • Activities
    Host families will be responsible for engaging with students during the 2-week homestay. The time will go by quickly, and, while most of their stay will be filled with program activities, host families will have most evenings as well as three full days (Saturday, Oct. 23, Saturday, Oct. 29, and Sunday, Oct. 30) to plan other activities and spend time with their guest.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Families from the Pittsburgh area.

What is the criteria for selection?

  • Families excited about welcoming an international guest to their home!
  • Families must be available for a Host Family Orientation meeting prior to the arrival of the Youth Ambassadors.
  • You do NOT need to have children at home to be a host family.

Selection Process

  • After submitting an application, host families will be notified to schedule an interview and home visit.
  • Host families will be asked to complete a background check before final approval.
  • Additional questions should be emailed to

Application Instructions

Please fill out the application as completely as possible. The information you provide on this application will provide the basis for approving host families and matching them with students. The homestay is a very impactful part of the program experience. Answer the questions carefully and completely.

Once you begin the online application you will not be allowed to save it or return to it. We strongly recommend that you gather all necessary information and compose your written answers before you begin the online application, a PDF of the application can be found here. Please only submit your application via the online form!

Apply Now!