Where are you in your Journey?

by Bibi Al-Ebrahim


Working together in constructionWhen someone decides to go on a service-learning trip, internationally or domestically, they more often than not return home with a personal promise to engage in their own communities in new and greater ways.  For some people, the experience solidifies the idea that a content and fulfilled soul needs the opportunity to lend a hand to others.  As a result, they feel a desire to be more involved with their neighbors and in their communities upon returning home.  Collaborating in preparing food

In my own life, my happiest and most fulfilling moments have been those in which I am either giving a hand, or receiving one.  In either case, I attribute this to one thing – it is what makes me feel what I think humans should feel like – belonging.  This belonging comes from admitting and then acting on what I believe to be a universal truth; that we are responsible for much of the beauty or ugliness we find in the world around us.  

So, where are you in keeping with your promise?  Do you find yourself back in the same old same old of your regular routine – are you engaging in the world the way you want to?  Whether the answer is yes or no, may this act as a reminder.  Go back to your Amizade journal, reminisce with photos from your trip, or  watch our Your Journey Starts Here series (scroll down to the bottom of the page and begin with the Teaser), and get re-inspired to make the world a better place.

Every journey (re)starts with a new day, so (re)start yours now!