Travel to Peru, from the comforts of home

by Daniel Alexander

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” Maya Angelou

When we hear the word diversity a number of things come to mind, ideas of inclusion, tolerance and acceptance. However, diversity goes beyond these concepts. Diversity can become something you do for yourself and your families. Diversifying your life is never an easy process, but it can better connect you and your family to the ever growing global world.

Today many people experience the world from the comforts of their homes. From your computer or cell phone you can affordably travel to the pyramids of Giza, explore the islands of Thailand, and get a closer look at the Sahara. However, what you miss, is the ability to learn about another country through the words and experiences of its people. You miss the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their history, culture and language.  

“We learned many personal things about our boys’ families and life.  They were willing to share about life in their countries including the good and bad things.” 

― Mary Beth, who hosted Youth Ambassadors in 2015 and 2016

Hosting young people from Peru provides families with an opportunity to expand their world. Creating a temporary home for a young person from another country allows families to serve as ambassadors for the U.S. Not only will you be learning about another culture, you will be teaching people, who have never been to the United States, about the U.S. in a way that goes beyond what they see in the movies or on T.V. Serving as an ambassador will provide you with a way to better understand the world in which you live and your place in it.

“This hosting opportunity was an important opportunity for our family because it enabled us to experience and learn about another culture, particularly South American, and also allowed us to give a child from another culture the opportunity to have an amazing experience seeing life in the US first hand.” 

― Mary Beth

The most exciting aspects of hosting, are the life-long relationships you create. The Youth Ambassadors will become part of your family and you will become part of theirs. Wherever they go, they will never forget the kindness they were shown during their few weeks in America. They will always remember you, your family and their time spent in Pittsburgh, and you and your family, in turn, will be forever changed by your time spent with them.

“The fun we all had made us feel so close to them and we feel we will be families forever.” 

― Cristiane and Patrick, who hosted Youth Ambassadors in 2014 and 2015

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