In 2004, when Amizade began our partnership with the community of Jukwa, Ghana, the community identified the development of a library as a goal, and Amizade volunteers began immediately.  Today the library is nearly complete.  When finished, the library in Ghana will be the first public library in the area.

Over the years Amizade volunteers, working alongside local community members, have constructed the building, painted walls, built bookshelves and even installed a computer room where local students of all ages can take classes, develop computer skills, and connect to the Internet!

We are proud to see how far we have come in completing this project and thrilled with how much the community has changed and grown since we first began.  The computer room is a success and is being used every day by community members learning and connecting.  However, the library is not yet complete. The bookshelves that have been constructed and installed by Amizade volunteers throughout the years are empty. The Jukwa Library is still in need of books and we need your help to fill the shelves. Help us reach our goal of $10,000 to send a shipment of 20,000 books to the library in Jukwa.

Help us fill the shelves of the Jukwa Libray with books!

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