The Anhwiam Water Pipe

by Amizade Global Service-Learning


Just outside the town of Jukwa, Ghana– where Amizade has been working for over a decade- is the village of Anhwiam. Anhwiam is a small rural village of just 600 people, who sustain themselves with small farms. The village is also where Nicholas Osei Koduah, a dear friend of Amizade, grew up.  As a leader of the Ghana Students Association and community activist, Nicholas continuously worked to better his community.  This past August Nicholas took Amizade volunteer Erik Mohn to his village to show him his home and to show him the site of Anhwiam’s water pipe which has been broken for four years.  With the water pipe broken the people of Nicholas’s community were left with the river as their only source of water. The villages upstream from Anhwiam use the same river to bathe, dispose of waste, urinate, and wash their vehicles, the results of which flow downstream into the water that the people of Anhwiam use for their daily needs. As a result of the contaminated water, people of all ages have fallen ill with water borne diseases such as Bilharzia, Guinea Worm, and Cholera.  After visiting Anhwiam, meeting the community,  and visiting the river bank where the community gathered their water, Erik knew he would do whatever he could to help Nicholas achieve his dream of fixing the water pipe so his community could, once again, have access to safe, clean water.

Tragically, on October 7th, 2011, Nicholas was killed in a car accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nicholas, his family and community and we continue to mourn the loss of this wonderful community leader and dear friend.  In honor of Nicholas, Erik Mohn and Amizade are determined to bring his dream to life and see the Anhwiam water pipe repaired.

We are asking you to join us in helping to bring safe water to Nicholas’s community. Our goal is to raise the $2,500 by December 15th, 2011 so that the pipe will be fixed by January 15th. All donations are tax deductible and be be made via Amizade’s secure website, please note that you would like your contribution to go towards The Anhwiam Water Pipe Initiative.

Once the funds have been raised, Amizade will send the money directly to Peace Humanity International in Ghana who will hire a local company to complete the repairs. In addition to fixing the pipe, we are in the process of developing an effective monitoring system, to ensure proper maintenance of the pipe, and researching additional options to ensure access to safe drinking water.

Every dollar helps and each donation gets us one step closer to honoring our dear friend and providing safe water to the community he worked so tirelessly to help.

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