The Amizade Talk Show is here to stay

by Daniel Alexander

What started as a way to push Amizade’s Solidarity Campaign further turned into a lively chance to stay connected with our alumni, education partners, and community partners.

Since May, we go live on Facebook most Fridays with the Amizade Talk Show, an unpretentious talk show hosted by our executive director Brandon Blache-Cohen in which he interviews our site directors and other friends from our worldwide network.

Initially, COVID-19 was a recurrent theme addressed by all participants—at that time, the vast majority of our sites were being deeply affected by the pandemic. As we aired more episodes, and with the nature of social actions happening around the world, Amizade started exploring other themes with our partners, such as police brutality, white supremacy, and the recent protests in the US. These talks are followed by comments, questions, and interactions with our audience in real-time.

Below you can watch the first five episodes of the Amizade Talk Show that aired recently. Follow us on our Facebook page to keep an eye on the second season of the show that will air soon.

Episode 1 – What’s happening in Bolivia? Featuring Jean Carla Costas, Adriana Veizaga, and Ariel Flores

Episode 2 – Life in Northern Ireland. Featuring Lauren Hall, Tierna McConnell, and Stephen Hughes

Episode 3 – This is Brazil! Featuring Dan Weiss, Geli Weiss, Lais Alexander, and Micah Gregory

Episode 4 – #PuertoRicoStrong. Featuring Michael Fernandez and Mariela Ramirez (from Caras con Causa)

Episode 5 – #ICantBreathe. Featuring LaKeisha Wolf (Pittsburgh) and Nate Siggers (Appalachia)

If you like these live videos, please check out Amizade’s videos page with more productions highlighting our partnerships around the world.