April 2012

Sports Day!

Today was Sport’s Day! All of us went to the Galloway ECI to support the kids. I was excited for them because I had been watching them train all week. All of them were clad and shining I their team colors. The students raced to see who could count correctly and write their names the fastest. Unfortunately team yellow did not win. It seemed every child’s parent came out to cheer them on. It was a big local event. People were selling candy and water. Parents and relatives were yelling at the little athletes to run faster.


March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 Today was an extremely interesting day to…


Service, the Roaring River, and Caribbean jerk chicken

Today we went to Galloway ECI, a preschool for young children. I have to say, these kids were so full of life. They were tamer than their primary school counterparts, and had that spark that toddlers exude when discovering their world. I helped a classroom, drawing pictures of animals and writing their names underneath. The kids would then copy my drawings and writing and bring it to me for approval. Watching their faces light up when they correctly completed the assignment gave me a genuinely great feeling.


Getting Ready for Jamaica

As I sit with five other members of the Amizade Jamaica Spring Break group the night before we are supposed to leave, a mix of feelings are surrounds us all. We are nervous, apprehensive, excited, exhausted, scared, and happy. We don’t know what to expect, but we all realize that this is going to be an experience that we will never forget.

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