20 photos for 20 years: Amizade celebrates two decades

Amizade was officially incorporated 20 years ago today. Amizade is the brainchild of founder Daniel Weiss; the result of never-ending efforts by communities around the world; and it is an ongoing global movement by over 7,000 volunteers, staff, and board members. Amizade will mark its 20 years with its Celebration and Fundraiser event on November 1. But for today, we here at Amizade scoured the archives and found 20 pictures from our vibrant 20 year history, ranging from epic, funny, bizarre, and beyond. We hope you enjoy and we will see you on November 1!

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My Family in Jamaica

Amizade Volunteers from Plymouth State in Jamaica

The anticipation was overflowing into the cabin of the airplane. I looked around and took note of where the nine young women on my trip were sitting. As if the expressions on their faces weren’t telling enough, I could just feel their excitement surfacing, as Jamaica came into focus through the tiny windows.

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Grace’s Service-Learning Adventure: Part 6

And now I’m off – on a another plane this time across the Caribbean, to the familiar town of Petersfield, Jamaica. Having visited Petersfield for 5 days this previous May, it felt strangely like going home as we drove across the country from Kingston to the western parish of Westmoreland.

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