Cohachaca ChicoEstablished in 2001, the Cohachaca Chico school provides education to 713 preschool, primary, and high school students. The school is part of the Bolivian Public Education System and the local authorities have helped with the initial construction of a few unfinished classrooms but the school, local leaders, and community members are seeking additional sources of support to complete the ceilings, add wall covering material (stucco), and finish the floors which are currently dirt.

The school has secured funding from the City Hall of Sipe Sipe that will allow them to complete the structural work for a 2nd floor and roof for the high school. The classrooms in this part of the building, which are in regular use by high school classes, are still a long way from providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for the students.  The classrooms have only dirt floors, the ceilings are unfinished, and there are still not windows or doors.

inside schoolWorking with the community, parents, students, and local leader OTB Mr. Genaro Rojas, Amizade will support the school in completing and improving the existing classrooms as well as building new classrooms to accommodate the additional 50 students that the school expects to receive each year.

Amizade volunteers will work alongside the Cohachaca Chico community to help make this school the safe and welcoming learning environment that students need. The community is prepared to supply much of the raw materials such as sand, dirt, and rocks, as well as their own labor, but there is much more needed!