The backdrop to this program is Northern Ireland’s stunning and fascinating beauty.

Ulster flag

Location | Urban and rural Northern Ireland
Service Opportunities | Youth work, peace and reconciliation, mentoring in schools, cross-community mural projects, leadership development, organizational support, maintenance and housekeeping.
Cultural and Recreational Highlights | City tours, Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, Game of Thrones, hiking in Mournes, meetings with politicians and ex-combatants, traditional Irish music, Gaelic football.

Program Overview

The backdrop to this program is Northern Ireland’s stunning and fascinating beauty. Experience the richness of both rural and urban settings, visit both Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods and discover Belfast, a city like no city in the world. Participants will gain a first hand look at the history of the Troubles, meeting with ex-combatants, politicians and youth workers with both experience in the conflict and peace process.

Lodging Hostels or budget hotels, TV, ensuite bath | Food Lots of fish, meat, potatoes, vegetables, bread, coffee and tea

Flights easy trans-Atlantic flights| Visa No

Communication Cell networks, wifi, etc. | Closest Airport Belfast and Dublin

Our Community Partnership


YouthWorks | At the heart of YouthWorks (CIC) is the sincere belief that intercultural
understanding & the development of global citizenship is essential to an increasingly
connected global world.

The values of YouthWorks (CIC) are the foundation on which all youth work is based
within the organization. The organization offers young people the opportunity to grow
and mature, develop social and life skills in a safe and secure environment, accept
responsibility and make life choices based on sound information and support. Within YouthWorks (CIC) young people get the opportunity to challenge their opinions and explore their value base without judgement.
In the past volunteers have worked with the Crossing the Bridges Program, which brings Catholics and Protestants together, as well as various after-school programs with other youth groups and summer youth camps.



Plan a Program


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The Basics

Review the Amizade Northern Ireland Site Handbook.


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Stay Engaged!

From Ireland to the U.S.A.

Participants from Northern Ireland in New York City

As I waited in JFK airport for my group to arrive after their long journey from Belfast to New York City, I wondered how I would recognize them as they sauntered through the doorway. Then the light bulb went off, and I realized from this point forward I would know these guys from their strong Northern Irish accents and their gregarious conversations.

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Healthy and Safety

As you or your loved one prepares to serve with Amizade in Northern Ireland, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that Amizade has an exceptionally strong safety record and ability to respond to any emerging challenges. We have safely partnered in Northern Ireland since 2003. For the most up-to-date health, safety, and security briefings, please review the following: