New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (exploration)

New Orleans flagLocation | New Orleans, LA
Service Opportunities | building, insulating, and painting homes; serving meals in soup kitchens; sorting donations at a food bank; and restoring the Bayou.
Cultural and Recreational Highlights | Visit the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, visit Tulane University, tour and visit with organizations and community leaders working in the area, experience local music and drum circles, and enjoy delicious creole food.

Program Overview

NolaAfter Hurricane Katrina and the broken levees flooded New Orleans in 2005, the city as it was known to thousands of people seemed destroyed. In the years since, New Orleans has made huge strides in recovering. But help is still needed. Six years after the floods, 10,000 families were still without homes as a direct effect of the storm (St. Bernard Project). You and your group can help those affected by this disaster by building, insulating, and painting homes; serving meals in soup kitchens; sorting donations at a food bank; and restoring the Bayou. New Orleans is a beautiful city with a rich local culture. You’ll be inspired, educated, and entertained on your experience in the Big Easy.

Perhaps no city in the world has built and relies on such a large volunteer sector as New Orleans. Unfortunately, in recent years, many organizations that depend on visiting volunteers have seen dramatic decreases in volunteer numbers. Recently, many groups and individuals that had been committed to the revival of New Orleans are now seeking out volunteer opportunities in the newest disaster zones such as the areas affected by Super Storm Sandy. Amizade believes that it is now particularly important to commit to our friends in New Orleans.

Depending on your program, your muscles may think you’ve been at it for months, but your heart will know it’s only just begun. During your experience, plan on getting dirty and tired while having a wealth of eye-opening experiences.

You’ll get to meet those you’ll be serving, dignitaries, experts in their fields, government officials who are working to make lives better, educators, craftsmen and numerous other souls along this path who have the same core desire as you — to give back, to contribute, and to make a difference.

Community Partner
Patti Vile founded Volunteer Expeditions in 2007 after planning her temple’s trip to New Orleans and realizing the effect of the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina.

Since then, the organization has been focusing on New Orleans, helping our neighbors and countrymen get back on their feet after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Over the years, Volunteer Expeditions has accomplished great things in this area and are committed to offer more. Even six years later, there were ten thousand families still without homes in areas such as St. Bernard Project.

The Commitment

Projects that are available vary with each program. Volunteers do not need any special skills to participate, just a willingness to serve. Service projects are coordinated according to a schedule set by the community; therefore, they may change at the last minute to better fit the current needs of the community. Where possible, volunteer’s individual interests may be accommodated through specific service projects or additional recreational and cultural activities.


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Healthy and Safety

As you or your loved one prepares to serve with Amizade in New Orleans, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that Amizade has an exceptionally strong safety record and ability to respond to any emerging challenges.