After your semester abroad, Amizade partner universities issue a transcript for work completed in your Amizade program. Once Amizade has received this transcript, we will create an official course report combining the courses listed on the host university transcript(s) and any Amizade courses. The course report will also detail the foreign credits and grade earned, as well as the suggested US equivalent. Please note that final decisions regarding credit and grade transfer are up to your home school.

Amizade will send your official host university transcript and Amizade course report to your home school Registrar or Study Abroad office. You will receive an electronic copy of your transcript and course report through your online Amizade portal.

If you do not want Amizade to send your course report to your home school, you must notify us by email (send it to before the end of your semester abroad.

Note: If you studied abroad with BCA, you’re in the right place. Please complete the transcript request form on this page or contact


Please note that Amizade will only release your course report to you and your home school after your account is paid in full and you have completed an online program evaluation.


For home schools that require a transcript issued by a US-accredited institution, Amizade has what is called a School of Record agreement with Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. Upon request, Elizabethtown College will issue a transcript for your studies through your Amizade program.

You should be in touch with your study abroad adviser to determine if your school requires a School of Record transcript. There is a $150 fee for each School of Record transcript. Requests for an Elizabethtown College School of Record transcript should be sent to


Spain (Barcelona), England, Ecuador, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Fall SemesterMarch
Spring SemesterAugust



Belgium and Spain (Valladolid)

Fall SemesterFebruary
Spring SemesterJuly




Amizade keeps one official copy of your transcript/course report on file at the central office. Requests for additional transcripts/course reports should be sent to


10 business days (from receipt of request): $20 per transcript request (hardcopy, mailed via certified mail) and $5 for digital copies

Fewer than 5 business days (from receipt of request): $35 per transcript request (hardcopy, mailed via certified mail) and $10 for digital copies

Please download and complete the form and payment information. Once complete, please email the form to