Sample Program Fees

Per Person Pricing

All of our short term programs are fully customized. Based on the size of the group, time of year, lodging options, add-ons, and other considerations, fees will vary. These are only average estimates for basic programs. Program fees include food, lodging, ground transportation*, cultural and recreational activities, and an on-site staff person. All programs – with the exception of domestic programs – include travel, trip, and evacuation insurance. All fees additionally include a contribution to a community partner organization, which typically takes place through the purchase of building materials, stipends for speakers, or other general operating donations.

Our Standard Per Participant Fees, based on a minimum of 10 participants:

Site7 Days10 Days14 Days
Navajo Nation*$2,076$2,560$3,388
Northern Ireland$2,244$2,932$3,949
Pine Ridge$1,742$2,312$3,152
Puerto Rico*$1,985$2,355$3,088
Trinidad & Tobago**$1,900$2,300$2,750
Washington DC*$1,529$1,877$2,543

Costs for group leaders, faculty, and/ or other chaperones can be incorporated into participant program fees upon request.

We are in the process of reviewing the standard fees for several sites. If you don’t see standard short-term program fees for the site you’re interested in, please contact the Amizade site liaison for more information. You can find their contact information on that site’s program page.

*In the Navajo Nation, Pittsburgh, Puerto Rico, and Appalachia participants must provide their own ground transportation.

*Standard budget for Washington DC is based on hostel fees and groups preparing their own meals. Hotel stay and dining out will be an additional cost.

** 7-day programs to Poland do not include travel to Berlin, Germany. 7-day programs to Trinidad do not include travel to Tobago.

**Standard programs to Ghana do not include travel to Kumasi.

Please note that Amizade goes to great lengths to ensure that over 80% of fees go directly to program costs. Less than 20% of fees go to administration. Group Program fees can be paid by check mailed to our office. Payments made with a credit card via our website will incur a 3% processing fee.


Where will your Amizade program take you? There are so many locations and experiences to consider!