Fees & Financial Policies

Studying abroad is a big decision. You should research your options to understand what’s included with different study abroad programs and how you can make the most of the activities and resources available to you.

Amizade strives to offer affordable study abroad programs for students and as part of that commitment has a comprehensive fee model to alleviate the stress of having to arrange and budget for on-site costs separately. We also offer Amizade Scholarships to help offset program costs.


The comprehensive fees for each program are listed on each program’s Dates & Fees page. Please keep in mind that if your home institution pays Amizade directly, the program fees do not apply and you will simply follow your school’s tuition and fee policies. Amizade programs include the following services as part of the fee:


We pay tuition and university fees directly to the overseas university on your behalf. Not only does this give you access to classes, but also to sports teams, clubs and societies on campus. If you seek out new experiences you may find yourself playing on the volleyball team in England, joining a hiking club in Trinidad or organizing a campus Relay for Life in New Zealand.


Amizade arranges housing for you that connects you to local people. The type of housing varies by program but may include a homestay with a local family or student dorms or apartments with local and other international students.


Upon arrival, your Resident Director will conduct a cultural orientation to provide you with information and tools to engage with and independently navigate the local culture. Your orientation will also cover important health and safety topics. Amizade or your host institution, you will receive an academic orientation to provide you with information about courses, the academic system, support services, campus and university life, and many other helpful topics.


We believe in the power of experiential education. Throughout your program, you will participate in activities and excursions that are designed to help you understand your host culture in an authentic and meaningful way, and these are included in the program at no additional charge.


Our language immersion programs that require advanced language skills (more than 2 semesters) include intensive language training when you first arrive to help you to gain the fluency you’ll need throughout the rest of your program.


Amizade is committed to creating opportunities for you to become involved with your host and campus communities.

Volunteer: At many of our locations you have the chance to volunteer with a local organization. You may find yourself at a refugee center or soup kitchen in Spain or with a community-based project in London.

Intern: An international internship will allow you to set yourself apart from your peers when applying for graduate school or a job. There are countless opportunities to intern for a local organization across many of our programs! Amizade students have interned with Human Rights Watch in Belgium, completed 200-hour social work placements in India and observed and taught in a German secondary school.

Research: Engaging in a structured or independent research project during your time abroad is a great way to build your résumé and network with local experts. Research opportunities vary by program and semester. Students can work with faculty to complete research in many different disciplines in places including Ecuador, France, New Zealand, and many other locations.


When you arrive in your host country you will be greeted by your Amizade Site Director to welcome you and help you adjust to life in your new community. Your Resident Director will be your cultural guide throughout the course of the program and will help you process and understand the customs and practices of your host community. Your Resident Director is also available for any emergency situations or if you just need some extra assistance.


The Amizade team is here to support you and challenge you to make the most of your study abroad experience. You will have questions as you explore your study abroad options and even after you select a program. Our peer advisors have all studied abroad in the past and are here to answer your questions and give you some great insight and information on study abroad from the student perspective.


After you are accepted into a program you will receive a pre-departure guide that will include information on the program location, health and safety, housing, and much more. You will also participate in a pre-departure webinar led by our program team to go over important information and answer any questions you have about your program and your arrival in your host country.


All Amizade students are enrolled in international medical insurance as part of the program. This insurance will cover you throughout the duration of your program and should be used if you fall ill, are in an accident or need to be evacuated while abroad. If a medical or emergency were to arise while you are abroad, your Resident Director and Amizade’s U.S. based staff are here to assist you.


Amizade is committed to providing affordable and engaging study abroad programs, and as an Amizade applicant, you will be eligible to apply for our scholarships. Each year we award thousands of dollars of scholarships to students based on need and merit.

Apply for a scholarship today!



Policies regarding financial aid and additional study abroad fees vary by campus, so we recommend that you contact your study abroad advisor and financial aid office to determine your school’s policies. If your college’s financial aid officer has questions or need assistance, we’d be happy to help!  Please feel free to give us a call at 717-361-6600.

There are also many scholarships and creative ways to fund your study abroad experiences. Learn more on our Scholarships & Funding page.



Upon acceptance into a Amizade program, you will need to pay a $250 confirmation fee through your online accepted application. This fee is non-refundable and reserves your place in the program. The fee must be paid in order to access important pre-departure materials and forms.



Invoices sent directly to students are due prior to departure. The full payment due date for a fall semester program in New Zealand is 1 June, while all other programs have a payment deadline of 1 July. For students studying for an academic year starting in the fall, 60% of the total is due by the payment dates listed above with the remainder due by 1 December. For students studying for a calendar year starting in the spring, 60% of the total is due by 1 December, with the remainder due by 1 May. Full payment due dates for any program starting in the spring is 1 December. Summer students will be billed by April 1 and the full payment deadline for all summer programs is May 1.

You can pay by personal check, money order or cashier’s check. Please, make check payable to Amizade, and send all payments to:

2211 Lesnett Rd. #12539
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

If you must defer payment until financial aid disbursement, please submit the Deferment Payment Form to katie@amizade.org.

Please note, Amizade charges an administrative fee of $20 for any returned check. We will not release your academic transcripts until all fees (including any additional charges for damages or obligations to the overseas university) are paid in full.


You can also pay online with a credit card* through Amizade’s website.

*Amizade charges a 3% processing fee based on your payment amount



If you are are interested in setting up a payment plan for your Amizade study abroad semester, summer or year program, please contact katie@amizade.org to discuss a plan that will work for you.



Students who withdraw on or after confirming their intent to enroll, but prior to the full payment due date, will be charged $500 plus any non-refundable deposits or fees paid on their behalf by Amizade.

Students who withdraw on or after the full payment due date, but prior to 14 days before the scheduled overseas arrival date for their program, will be charged $1,500 plus any non-refundable deposits or fees paid on their behalf by Amizade.

Students who withdraw on or after 14 days prior to their scheduled overseas arrival date for their program will be charged $2,000 plus any non-refundable deposits or fees paid on their behalf by Amizade.

Refunds are approved only after all relevant accounts are cleared. Upon approval, a refund will be issued within 20 working days. In the event that a student’s charges exceed the amount paid, the student will be invoiced for the difference.



If you are participating in a full-year program and notify us in writing prior to the second term or semesters application deadline for that program that you will not be returning for the second term or semester, you will be charged the published fee for the completed term or semester and any non-refundable deposits or fees paid on your Amizade.

If you are participating in a full-year program and notify us in writing on or after the second term or semesters application deadline for that program you will be held to the normal semester withdraw policies and deadlines.