Since our founding, Amizade has created vital relationships across the board. From community leaders to homestays, check out what our friends are saying about the Fair Trade Learning movement.

“Amizade is a leader in sustainable service-learning. Having worked with them for 9 years, this partnership has been invaluable to both me and students. Their staff is unparalleled in dedication and intellect on growing our team to be better global citizens. The work they are doing and the relationships they have built across the world are a true testament to their dedication to service and truly being a part of the change we need in this world.

– Marly Doty, M.S., Lecturer, Human Development and Family Studies and Education, Penn State Dubois

“Working with Amizade was a perfect experience in terms of logistics and impact. We were able to bring on over 30 members of the Deloitte community to Northern Ireland to create a lasting change!”

– Sagar Doshi, Co-Founder, One Thousand Schools

“I have been collaborating with Amizade for over twenty years. This collaboration has given me personal upliftment and energized me to influence my community group to move from a community-based organization to a Benevolent Society. Through this collaboration our main income-generating project, our Village Tourism Programme is known locally, regionally and internationally.”

John Mathias Brown – Founder/ Facilitator PGBS


“My experience partnering with Amizade over the years have molded me to be a better citizen in my Community. This noble organization has provided numerous opportunities for individuals to better themselves and I can proudly say that I am one of those individuals who was offered a prestigious scholarship to study at the Slippery Rock University. If it wasn’t for the assistance of Amizade I wouldn’t have gotten this amazing opportunity and I know for sure that with the continued help from this organization we can be the change we want to see our communities, our country, and the world.”

– Nybert Samuels Jr.- Vice President PGBS

“I am a housemother, who is unemployed this collaboration with  Amizade allows me to be independent. As our motto state VESTED- I volunteer in my community, educate our visitors our to our delicious food preparation, sensitize them to our culture, train them in neighborly behavior, entertain them through our dance and games while developing a long-lasting friendship. I would recommend partnering with Amizade to any organization.”

– Marlene Munroe, Housemother in Jamaica

 “I am a house mother and through the collaboration of Amizade and the Petersfield Galloway Benevolent Society Village Tourism Programme, I am now independent and have been exposed to numerous cultural experiences.”

– Vivienne Haye, Housemother in Jamaica

“As a readmitted member of the PGBS; I would consider the partnership between Amizade and the PGBS as one of great substance and worth to many. This partnership has allowed me to realize my full potential in wanting to serve as a leader and educator, I strongly recommend Amizade to the world at large.”

– Christopher Myrie, Club Member in Jamaica

“The collaboration between PGBS and Amizade has impacted me as a house mother culturally, educationally and financially. It has helped me to develop my community and school this shows that unity is strength. I would recommend this program to the world.”

– Norma Fenton, President/Housemother, PGBS

“My Amizade experience has been deeply humbling, impacting and inspiring. I have formed enduring friendships over the years while building better communities. Looking forward to many more years of working together.”

– Julet Kasantaroneo, Housemother in Jamaica

“I would recommend Amizade to others because the collaboration between them and the PGBS has allowed me to participate in various volunteerism projects such as  Summer Camp and the Governor General’s I Believe  Programme while being given the opportunity to further my education. Through Volunteerism, I have been retaught values such as having kindness, compassion and sharing with others, which could not have been possible without Amizade.”

– Trishan Williams, Club member in Jamaica

“Through collaboration with  Amizade and PGBS, I get the opportunity to learn of other cultures, whilst interacting with great minds. The students at my school and community overall benefit greatly from this collaboration.”

– Theresa Johnson, Club member in Jamaica

“Partnering with Amizade has been a tremendous experience. It has helped my community to gain exposure in Community Tourism, putting us on a wider scale of socializing with persons from different walks of life.”

– Antonette Staple-Heaven, Housemother in Jamaica


Amizade believes that transparency is an important window in making sure that our work is fair and full of impact.