VSL: Virtual Service Learning and Global Engagement Experience (1-10 week programs)

Connect. Learn. And explore with VSL.

Amizade’s VSL and Global Engagement program offers participants an opportunity to engage with one of our long-standing community partners, including; Italy, England, Jamaica, and Appalachia.  Additional community partners will be included in this global engagement VSL in the coming months.


This is a synchronous program. Over 5 consecutive days participants will join one another in an online learning space for 3 hours per day. This module is stackable, meaning it can be built for multi-week and multi-country programs.


Led by an Amizade facilitator, this program offers students:
• Engagement with an Amizade community partner to explore global issues in a site specific local context.
Exploration around practices of ethical storytelling, being stewards of social media, and interviewing skills.


• Facilitated reflective practice activities to explore themes like stereotypes, how to be ‘helpers’ during COVID-19, and what it means to be a global citizen under stay at home orders,
• Opportunities to engage in service by exploring global themes in their local context. Students will identify challenges and opportunities in their communities, and starting on the first day of the program will be guided through a process of identifying how to be helpers in their communities.


The cost of this program is based on a need-based sliding scale but averages $2,500 for the first program week for groups of 5-15. Multi-week and multi-country programs are entirely customizable and decrease in cost the longer the program.



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