VSL Opportunities

Get ready for a VSL experience with your group.

We are honored to share the following virtual service-learning opportunities with groups interested in VSL. From customized opportunities to thematic options, Amizade can connect you to our partners around the world.

Engage with our partners in virtual space.

Module 1 - Virtual Service Learning and Global Engagement (1-10 week programs)

How to be helpers during COVID19.

Module 2 - Misinformation and Disinformation in the time of COVID-19

Explore climate change issues in our sites.

Module 3 - Climate Change around the Globe


When you participate in our VSL course, you’ll interact in real-time with Amizade staff and site directors, learn from leaders of community organizations, and engage in thought-provoking discussions and activities. Even though you won’t travel, you’ll leave with a better understanding of both your Amizade site and your own community. 


University, high school, and community groups. If you were planning to travel with Amizade already and those plans were sadly canceled, VSL is for you. If you’re a teacher or professor looking for online learning opportunities for your students, VSL is for you. If you’re a curious, empathetic individual looking for a meaningful way to pass the time at home, VSL is for you too!


We’ve designed a variety of courses and modules, featuring different sites and themes. Some modules can be downloaded and completed independently, others will require a facilitator. In most cases, the modules within each program can be customized to meet your group’s needs.


These programs last for between one week and 10 weeks with up to 3 hours of real-time interaction per day, plus additional individual service activities. These programs focus on one Amizade site, where participants will dive into local issues with their site director and community members. These programs include at least one Amizade facilitator who will lead the group in several daily activities, as well as presentations on related topics from content experts.


These programs will explore specific themes across multiple Amizade sites. Choose to spend a week exploring one of the following themes and how it affects communities around the world: climate change, racism and xenophobia, or the spread of misinformation online. More information about theme programs coming soon.


Find out how you can plan a VSL program with Amizade.