Summer: Valladolid

Intensive Language & Culture in the heart of Spain 

Amizade offers two summer language programs in Valladolid, Spain with the opportunity to receive  6-10 credits, depending on your session. While each session offers its own unique opportunities, students can study business, education, medical Spanish, art history, literature or Spanish language and culture. Valladolid, the former capital city of Spain, is a vibrant and artsy city perfect for students to soak in a summer of Spanish culture


Language of Instruction: Spanish
Language Requirement: 1 semester of college-level Spanish or equivalent
GPA Requirement: 2.5 or higher
Housing: homestays
Internships: available in health professions, business


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Amizade’s academic partner, Universitas Castellae, is a specialized educational center in Valladolid that is dedicated to the study of Spanish language and Hispanic culture for students from the U.S. and around the world. 

Each Amizade Valladolid summer program has its own unique course offerings, although all help students expand language proficiency and engage in Spanish culture. As a part of the intensive Program, Business and Medical Spanish courses include practicums which offer a great opportunity to interact with local practitioners. You can learn more about the available courses in each program, and any required courses, at the links below.



June Language & Culture Program (6 credits, 4 weeks)

Students spend four hours each day in class and participate in mandatory cultural events and activities and one excursion per term. Students can study at beginner or advanced levels as listed below: 

Beginner Level Curriculum:  Students take 4 hours of classes each day in the following courses. 

Spanish Grammar and Composition (2 hours daily)
Spanish Conversation and Oral Expression (1 hour daily)
Spanish Culture (1 hour daily)

Advanced Level Curriculum:  Students take the following three courses for a total of 4 hours of class each day.

Advanced Spanish Culture
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Advanced Spanish Literature

Intensive Language & Culture Program (9 – 10 credits, 6 weeks)

Students take courses during the July and August International Program terms. Students take 3 courses for 9 – 10 US semester credit hours (depending on individual course enrollment). All courses meet for 1.5 hours daily. Courses are offered from the following list, however, availability is dependent upon sufficient enrollment. Students can study at beginner or advanced levels as listed below.

Beginner Level Curriculum (One college-level Spanish course or equivalent required) 

Students take the following three courses:

Spanish Grammar and Composition
Spanish Conversation and Oral Expression
Spanish Culture




Begin your day with breakfast with your host family and walk to the historic bullring where your Universitas courses are held. Enjoy the afternoon family meal, coffee or rest before exploring Valladolid’s historic city center. Take in a local concert or dance performance and don’t forget to study for your courses!




Enjoy plenty of recreational and cultural activities, including ceramics workshops, live theater, regional dance, concerts, and various other performances.

You will participate in excursions to new environments, visiting historic sites and famous landmarks designed to enhance and deepen your understanding of Spanish life, history and culture.  One excursion per course is organized for the June Spanish Language & Culture Programs. Two excursions are organized for the 6-week Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Program. Excursions are typically day trips to regional locations, such as Segovia or Salamanca. 




Homestay accommodation with all meals
City tour
Museum visit and other educational activities
International medical insurance and emergency evacuation services
Academic transcript
Pre-departure orientation and services
On-site Resident Director


Amizade is looking forward to having you join us for the summer.



Find out more about the history of our partnership in Spain.