Amizade welcomes all students to apply to global service-learning experiences. All applications are reviewed for a combination of demonstrated academic potential, good references, and clear commitment to intercultural exchange and service.

General eligibility requirements include:

Students must apply to a program. Acceptance is awarded on a rolling admissions system; please apply as early as possible to ensure your place in a program as limited spaces are available.

University Transcript
First year students are welcome to apply to our programs. A University transcript must be provided before a student can be formally accepted.

Foreign language is not required on most courses unless indicated in the course description

Credits earned through Amizade programs are awarded by West Virginia University.

Non-WVU Students: Be sure to check with your study abroad offices to ensure credit transfer before applying. Many institutions have affiliate agreements with Amizade and will accept credits from our programs. We will gladly speak with any institution that is indecisive.

WVU Students: For any course that puts the student credit load over 18 credits during any given semester, students must get approval from their advisor by completing an overload form. For any course that puts the student credit load over 21 credits during any given semester, students must also receive approval from the Office of the Provost.

Tuition and Fees
Students must provide payment of all fees and tuition bills in accordance with established deadlines.

Travel Preparation
Students are responsible for all travel preparation for their program. That may include obtaining a passport, visa(s), medical insurance, purchasing a plane ticket, and getting immunizations.

Attendance at all course meetings and intercultural travel is required. Pre-departure and Post-immersion course meetings typically take place online and therefore students are not required to travel to WVU.

Amizade Policies
Students must abide by all Amizade policies and procedures.

Student Expectations
While the Amizade recognizes that everyone has limitations and that rest is essential to a productive experience, that recognition is balanced with the expectation that students are committed to intercultural service-learning as a continuous experience throughout the length of the course.