Will my credits transfer?

Amizade has an academic partnership with West Virginia University. Through that partnership, Amizade instructors propose academic courses that meet on-campus standards for course approval and are further strengthened through their connections to relevant community organizations, issues, and concerns.

All courses and instructors are reviewed by the Amizade Executive Director and, at WVU, the relevant department chair, the relevant dean, the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, and the Associate Provost for International Academic Engagement. During the six years that Amizade has been partnered with West Virginia University, WVU transcripts that students receive upon course completion have been accepted for transfer credit by Indiana University, The University of Massachusetts, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Southern California, The University of Texas, and The University of Wisconsin, among scores of other institutions of higher education across the United States. Amizade suggests that each student check with his or her university to confirm whether that university accepts transfer credit from West Virginia University.

Students, faculty members, or study abroad advisors who would like more information on the course approval process are invited to view the Academic Approval Process and Signatory Responsibilities (pdf) document that clarifies all university representatives involved in the approval process and what their respective signatures indicate.