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Now is the time to visit the places that you’ve read about, cooperate with local communities on important social issues, and start tackling the great challenges of our time.


Once you’re accepted into a global service-learning course you’ll

  • Make a Difference through community-driven service
  • Enhance and deepen your coursework through community-based deliberate learning
  • Form friendships through intercultural immersion and exchange
  • Become a more ethical, more engaged, more employable global citizen
  • Develop your own personal understanding of service, deliberate learning, culture, and global citizenship through continuous reflective inquiry

It will be unlike any course you’ve ever experienced. It includes all of the normal learning that occurs in any classroom and then deepens it, catalyzes it, and contextualizes it by connecting you and your professor with the local people, place, and issues that you’ve been reading about.

Amizade Global Service-Learning courses are made possible through a partnership with West Virginia University’s Office of International Programs and Center for Civic Engagement. Courses are open to students in good standing at any college or university and carry between 2 and 6 credits each. Semester programs offer between 12 – 18 credits.