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Study abroad for social change with Amizade

Amizade study abroad programs invite students to engage directly with some of the most pressing issues facing our world today, both at home and abroad.

As an Amizade student, you’ll join a network of curious and dedicated social justice practitioners, including local community members, study abroad peers, international activists, and scholars. Through coursework, volunteer and internship opportunities, and guided reflection, you’ll think deeply about issues of social justice while gaining skills to support you in your own role as a change agent in your home community and beyond.


Join Amizade in building a more just and joyful world.

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Campus Anywhere is Amizade’s newest, most flexible style of study abroad for a more just and joyful world. It’s designed for adventurous and passionate students with an interest in real action and making meaningful connections. Campus Anywhere is more immersive, responsible, and borderless than traditional study abroad. The program is available at 6 Amizade sites around the world.

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Live and study at The University of Otago in Dunedin while learning about New Zealand’s success in managing COVID, commitment to cultural diversity, and connection to the environment. In addition to your classes at Otago, you’ll participate in excursions, discussions, and volunteer opportunities designed to introduce you to environmental conservation, sustainability, and social justice themes. 

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Experience Spanish history and culture living in Valladolid, the former capital city of Spain, rich in history, wine, agriculture, and nightlife. You’ll be immersed in Spanish culture in a city easily explored by foot, living with a host family, and participating in a required internship. Amizade-Universitas course offerings are divided into three main areas: Spanish Language Courses, Humanities Courses, and Social Sciences and International Relations Courses. 

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Live in a vibrant, multi-ethnic cosmopolitan community that actively celebrates its diversity (African, East Indian, Amerindian, and Spanish background), and study at one of the most important university systems in the English-speaking Caribbean, The University of the West Indies. Enjoy campus life by taking courses in a wide range of majors, and explore community and society by engaging directly with grassroots organizations and individuals addressing social justice themes.

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Amizade will be offering a number of summer programs. Expand your language proficiency, explore sustainability, or participate in a practicum experience. More information coming soon!


Amizade study abroad programs are intentionally designed to educate for social justice. Program components such as pre-departure orientations, on-site housing, and excursions complement coursework, internships, and reflection in facilitating student success in the following learning outcomes:


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