Semester Abroad: New Zealand

Follow your own path in New Zealand and uncover the country’s natural beauty! Dunedin is surrounded by white sand beaches, forest-clad hills, and volcanic formations. You’ll easily find some of the world’s rarest animals, such as albatrosses and yellow-eyed penguins, living at the city’s edge.

Engage with the community through activities and volunteer opportunities designed to introduce you to environmental conservation, sustainability, and social justice themes. You will explore these issues through varied discussions with local experts, participating in an on-going conservation project on a local island and visiting a local farm.


In Dunedin, you’ll be able to take in the natural beauty of New Zealand through hiking, kayaking, and surfing. You’ll also be able to learn and connect with the culture of the Maori, one of New Zealand’s indigenous groups. You’ll also live and study at the University of Otago, New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious university. Otago also enjoys an international reputation for the quality of its teaching and is a world leader in many academic fields. Students from around the world rate Otago’s reputation and the quality of its study environment as its strongest attractions.


Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Language of Instruction: English
Language Requirement: None
GPA Requirement: 3.0 or higher


Lodging: University Housing
Flight: To Wellington, New Zealand (transportation to Dunedin will be arranged for you after orientation in Wellington)
Additional Requirements: Visa


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The beautiful island nation of New Zealand is in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean several hundred miles off the coast of Australia. Known as the “the Edinburgh of New Zealand,” Dunedin is in the South Island at the end of the Otago Peninsula. The city is spectacular with a mix of Edwardian and Victorian architecture dating back to 1847 when Scottish Presbyterians first arrived in the Otago harbor. Dunedin flourished as the region grew during the era of the New Zealand gold rush. Today, the city has a population of 120,000 and is known as a university town. It is a perfect location for nature lovers and has beautiful beaches and rolling hills. It is also home to the only Royal Albatross breeding colony in the world and the famous Yellow-Eyed and Little Blue Penguins. Live and study at The University of Otago in Dunedin while learning about New Zealand’s indigenous community by taking Maori culture courses on language, society, and performing arts. Visit a Maori marae, a traditional meeting place and connect with local students dedicated to keeping their culture and traditions alive. 



As a student of BCA’s New Zealand study abroad program, you will study alongside Kiwi students in courses at the University of Otago,  which is the country’s leading research institution and a world leader in many academic fields. Academic Departments and Schools at the University of Otago are divided into four academic divisions with three available to students studying abroad, including the schools of business, humanities, and sciences. With internationally ranked departments in arts and humanities, life sciences and medicine, social sciences and management, it’s the perfect place to take major-specific courses, pursue independent research opportunities, or apply for select internship opportunities Plus, with the wide variety of disciplines available, you can also enroll in courses to fulfill general education requirements. 




There are plenty of opportunities to connect to local people and the environment! Through the fantastic student activities program at The University of Otago, you can join one of the more than 70 societies including dance, hiking, music, and sports clubs. Various offices on campus also organize optional trips around the South Island each semester which is a great way to meet new people and experience the diversity of the country. In addition, there are many volunteer opportunities available to connect you with local organizations and community members. 




Your Resident Director in New Zealand will introduce you to culturally and historically significant spots and provide you with opportunities to hike the breathtaking landscapes of the city and surrounding area. Through your activities together, you will meet Kiwis (New Zealanders) and share experiences. Excursions may vary from semester to semester, but typically include a multi-day orientation in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, where students visit Parliament, Te Papa (the national museum) and a local island to complete a conservation project. Other excursions may include a ride on the famous Taieri Gorge Train, a visit to see local Dunedin glow-worms, a trip to a Marae, the traditional community for the native Maori people of New Zealand, a trip to the Otago Peninsula, and a trip to a local sheep farm to learn about the economic significance and history of sheep farming in New Zealand and how that impacted the world.

Possible excursions include





• Full-time Tuition & Fees
• University housing
• Medical and emergency insurance
• Educational excursions
• On-site resident director
• Volunteer and internship opportunities
• On-site group activities
• Seminars and guest lectures
• University services
• BCA courses taught by host institution’s professors and/or resident directors
• Cultural and university orientation
• Intensive language training
• Academic advising
• University official transcript
• Pre-departure orientation
• Airport pickup
• Three educational excursions
• On-campus internet access
• Weekly laundry


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