For Community Groups

Amizade partners with youth centers, after-school programs, faith-based nonprofits and religious institutions, YMCAs, government agencies, and other clubs and organizations to make sure that all people have access to life-changing global experiences. 



Global education and service-learning are directly associated with increased civic engagement levels, improved academic achievement, and future employment opportunities. However, there is a significant access gap in terms of the youth who get to participate in these experiences, allowing more well-resourced youth to become more globally connected and professionally competitive. 



We make it a priority to partner with community organizations that work with traditionally underrepresented young people. With nearly a decade of experience working in out-of-classroom spaces and over 1,000 young alumni from communities in Pittsburgh to Belfast, we are driven to inspire a groundswell of new civically engaged, globally competent, and empathetic young people. Programs are designed in three phases:


We expose young people to global careers, discuss diversity and identity, build trust, develop cross-cultural/interpersonal communication, and enhance project management skills, as well as sensitize community members and family, and consider health and safety best practices in travel.


We immerse and disrupt participants in project-based experiences.


We reflect, share our experiences, and ideally, we will also work in teams to design, implement, and sustain neighborhood micro-projects and share our stories and lessons with the world.


The data is very clear; robust and reflective global service-learning programming can positively impact low-income youth in powerful ways, including increasing civic engagement levels, improving relationships with adults, improving classroom attendance, increasing empathy levels, and much more. Our programs have been shown to specifically show positive learning outcomes for student participants, including (1) global competency (2) empathy, (3) career development, (4) leadership, (5) social action, (6) mentorship, and (7) community impact. 


We have an excellent record of kickstarting programs with community partners with few resources. Don’t hesitate to contact us about possible grants and more data and language to help support grants for funding. Let’s partner!