Semester: Ecuador

Environmental and Cultural Diversity in South America

Develop meaningful connections with indigenous communities during the BCA excursion to the Amazon and learn directly from them about the issues that impact their lives and community, from matters of environmental justice to the tension between modernization and traditional practices.

 Get involved in the Quito community by interning or volunteering at a variety of agencies, non-profits or foundations that work with different communities in Quito. Your Resident Director can connect you to community partners where you can learn about their mission and work and the ways you can support and learn from them during your time abroad.

 Live with an Ecuadorian family to learn about local customs, traditions, and food, reflect on the socio-economic diversity of Ecuador, and develop your Spanish-language proficiency. 


Without a doubt, Quito is one of the most amazing cities in the world and a vibrant setting for BCA students. A long, sprawling city between mountains, Quito is not only the political capital of Ecuador, but also the artistic and cultural heart of the country. Whether you want to visit one of the over 30 colonial churches, take in a play, modern dance performance, or musical performance, or go to the movies, the mall, a dance club, zoo or traditional markets there is never a loss of things to do and see.


Language of Instruction in the site: Spanish
GPA Requirement: 2.6 or higher
Housing: Host Family
Internships: Opportunities available


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Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) hosts approximately 6,000 students, including 1,000 international students, across its various campuses. USFQ is ranked in the top three universities in Ecuador and offers areas of study across a wide array of academic disciplines making it a perfect location to fulfill major or general education requirements. You can also apply for the Latitude Zero: Ecuador Research Initiative (LOERI) which pairs you with a USFQ faculty member completing research in their field. Or, you can challenge yourself and connect to the community through an internship in education, social sciences or health professions.




Live, study and enjoy the city of Quito, known as the City of the Sun and Sky, surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes. Choose from a large variety of courses at the University of San Francisco de Quito which offers more than 40 degrees, a Galapagos campus, a biodiversity research station and one of the best culinary schools in South America. Explore a city with dozens of modern shopping centers, restaurants, parks, movie centers, theaters, and museums. Volunteer or intern and choose from a number of agencies, NGO’s and foundations who serve a variety of populations in Quito.




Your Resident Director will guide you throughout the semester, helping you understand and process your experiences. Together you will traverse the historical center of Quito, visit a cloud forest, hike around volcanic lakes, and visit the renowned Galapagos Islands all while exploring how your visits and presence impact the local culture and environment. The BCA signature excursion varies by term, but in the past has been a multi-day visit to the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin to meet and learn about indigenous communities, participate in a homestay, and learn about the contemporary issues that threaten their culture and way of life.





What’s Included?

• Full-time Tuition & Fees
• Homestay
• Breakfast and dinner with host family
• Medical and emergency insurance
• Educational excursions
• On-site resident director
• Volunteer and internship opportunities
• On-site group activities
• Seminars and guest lectures
• University services
• Amizade courses taught by host institution’s professors and/or resident directors
• Cultural and university orientation
• Intensive language training
• Academic advising
• University official transcript
• Pre-departure orientation
• Airport pickup
• On-campus internet access

Confirmation Deposit: $250
Scholarships: Available


Amizade is looking forward to having you join us for the semester in Ecuador.



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