Biodiversity and global health in Santarem, Brazil

Santarém is located on the western side of the state of Pará. Home to the vast Tapajós National Forest, the region comprises 25 municipalities, over one million people, and covers 722,358 square kilometers. Santarém is the largest city in the region.  It is an urban center located at the confluence of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers with a population of over 250,000.

Evidence of human life dates back more than 11,000 years in the territory of current day Brazil. When the Portuguese arrived in the year 1500, the territory had an estimated indigenous population of 7 million. They were divided into nations, including the Tupis, Guaranis, Gês, and Arawaks. Today Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country both in terms of landmass and population and boasts the world’s seventh-largest economy.

Soy and rice production are major industries in the area. The social and environmental impact of a growing agribusiness sector, are central concerns for governments, businesses, non-profits and whole communities of people. Land tenure is also a very polemic issue, illustrated by competing claims for the same tracts of land. Many individuals, sometimes entire communities, relocate to Santarém from rural areas in search of jobs. These newcomers often graft themselves onto the city by building homes at the margins of outlying neighborhoods. Poverty at the city’s periphery is characterized by inadequate housing, poor health indicators, and limited educational opportunities.


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