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My Group is going on an Amizade Program! What Happens Next?

First, all volunteers must submit a Participant Information and Medical Form.

Traveling with Amizade to:

• Domestic Program: Appalachia, The Navajo Nation, Pine Ridge, Pittsburgh, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C.

Submit your Participant Information and Medical Form here

• International Program: Brazil, Bolivia, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana, Tanzania, Poland, and Northern Ireland

Submit your Participant Information and Medical Form here

Complete our additional forms.

All volunteers must review and complete the following forms.

Amizade Group Conduct Agreement and Liability Form | Amizade’s Pre-Departure Survey


Read more about your destination

In order to have a great experience with Amizade, it’s important for all participants to read more about their destination. Click on the buttons below to find out what is waiting for you.

Domestic Program:

Appalachia | Puerto Rico | Pine Ridge| PittsburghThe Navajo Nation | Washington, D.C.

International Program:

Bolivia | Brazil | Ghana | Jamaica | Poland |

Northern Ireland | Tanzania | Trinidad And Tobago

If you have any questions, please contact an Amizade Staff member at or 412-586-4986 or contact your Group Leader.