Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources for University Students

Recommended Scholarships
Most colleges and universities offer scholarships for study abroad. Check with the study abroad office at your home institution. Additionally ask your department chair, service-learning director, or dean. More and more universities making educating students for global citizenship and global employment opportunities a priority – and many universities are financially supporting their students’ global efforts. Below, please find a list of other scholarship opportunities:

Student Loans
Explore your financial aid options in terms of deferred loans from local banks, grants, and federal financial aid. The Study Abroad Office and/or Financial Aid Office at your home institution can further discuss these options with you.

For West Virginia University Students Only

  • Start by checking out our “Find the Funding” guide specifically for WVU students.
  • Financial aid funds can be applied to cover program tuition fees for most WVU students, inquires at the Financial Aid Office.
  • Both the Office of International Programs and the Center for Civic Engagement have scholarships available to students wishing to participate in Amizade courses.
  • The Office for International Programs also offers links to scholarships and grants available for study abroad. Remember that most of the pools of money available are related to a particular program and range between $500 and $2000, so allow enough time to sort through them.
  • The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Academic Enrichment Program can provide undergraduate students within the Eberly College up to $500 to participate in activities that complement, extend, and enhance their academic experiences at West Virginia University.
  • Departments and colleges within the University may offer some funding for students interested in study abroad or personal enrichment. Be sure to ask your departmental chairperson or dean about available funding. For example, for students within the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, check out these scholarship opportunities,
  • Student loans are an option that should be discussed with the Study Abroad Office and/or Financial Aid Office.

Fundraise and Build a Better World

Amizade began with fundraising. We began with one passionate individual who wanted to make a difference – and who stepped forward and asked his friends, his family, and many more people to support him and to become part of changing the world for the better. Since that time, hundreds and thousands of volunteers and students have funded their volunteer service placements through commitment, persistence, creativity and straightforward requests.

They’ve built schools and orphanages, installed water harvesting systems, worked for peace and reconciliation, and educated children. They’ve changed their own lives and the lives of others. You can too.

Volunteers and students who want to raise money for Amizade programs are always able to do so. They typically begin very early, ask for little bits of assistance from their friends and family members, inquire about support from their previous places of employment, ask for funding from local Rotary Clubs and other organizations, inquire at their family’s place of worship, and (for students) continuously make requests from many and diverse offices and individuals at their home universities. Volunteers have raised hundreds by asking friends and family members to give them scholarship gifts instead of gifts for holidays or birthdays; they’ve raised more through their own individual potlucks, parties, and bake sales. Recently, an Amizade staff member and her husband raised almost all of the funds required to travel to Tanzania through a simple letter writing campaign to their friends and family.  You would be surprised at how simple and fruitful this type of campaign can be! People who set goals, plan for the process, and follow through raise money successfully. The most important step is to ask.

Amizade Fundraising Packet (pdf)