The trip was one of the most influential experiences I had during my college years and helped me define the career path I would like to follow in my future.

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Amizade has been developing reflective and responsible alternative break programs for two decades. We work with your group to ensure program goals are developed and met. We prepare you for considerate experiential learning, organize the program logistics, manage the health and safety, and sustain the service projects and community relationships.

Sample Alternative Break Programs have included:

  • Mentoring at-risk youth in Jamaica
  • Building a community-designed park in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Collaborating on sustainable agriculture initiatives in Central Appalachia
  • Learning and listening with youth in the Navajo Nation

On Alternative Break experience, you will:

  • Make a Difference through community-driven service
  • Enhance and deepen your understanding of the local environment through deliberate learning that is based on community members’ concerns and perspectives
  • Form friendships through intercultural immersion and exchange
  • Become a more ethical, more engaged, more employable global citizen
  • Develop your own personal understanding of service, deliberate learning, culture, and global citizenship through continuous reflective inquiry

To begin planning your program, please contact us at or 412.586.4986.