For ten years, I had worked hard to make my classrooms comfortable, safe, and intellectually stimulating places; yet after just one Amizade experience, I feel more empowered than ever to interact with students in ways that truly matter. 

Amizade programs are developed through a series of conversations with Amizade staff and local partners. We pride ourselves in creating mutually empowering and safe global service-learning programs. This means that when you develop an experience with Amizade, you’re building a responsible, intentional, and community driven service-learning program. Programs typically have three phases: (1) pre-immersion, (2) immersion, and (3) post-immersion. Amizade works with you in all three phases to develop your program, including to build curriculum, itineraries, budgets, evaluation, follow-up, and sustainability. We not only follow global service-learning best practices, we are thought leaders and pioneers in developing it. Since 1994, Amizade has specialized in developing global service-learning programs with the following types of organizations:

Universities (Faculty-Led)

Alternative Break Programs

High School Programs

Community Groups and Religion Institutions

Individual Volunteer Placements

To begin planning your program, please contact us at or 412.586.4986.

Standard Group Program Fees