Our Team: Bibi Al-Ebrahim

Bibi Al-Ebrahim

Education Director
Site Liaison | Appalachia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, The Navajo Nation

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Bibi joins Amizade after spending over a decade working in Ecuador.  Bibi was first able to go to Ecuador as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  She then returned to the U.S. to complete a masters in International Public Health in 2008.  Soon afterwards, Bibi re-located to Ecuador and began work as the Director for Manna Project International, a community development organization working just outside of Quito.  In 2011, Bibi returned to Peace Corps/ Ecuador as the Program and Training Specialist for the Community Health program.  She soon had the opportunity to occupy the position of Training Manager, which she did for three years.  Back in Pittsburgh, Bibi is excited to get re-acquainted with her city as well as support Amizade in strengthening participant engagement and institutional evaluation processes.