Our Ethics


Amizade is committed to offering ethical and mutually empowering programs, and our values are central to everything we do. We abide by our Fair Trade Learning framework and our core values in every situation, putting our relationships with our community partners and the success of our participants first. Amizade strives to find ethical approaches to every new situation that arises and to set an example for other organizations in the field of service-learning. The following core values guide our program development and  empower our facilitators and partners to create immersive, transformative experiences for participants.



Fair Trade Learning

Modeled after our partnership in Jamaica, Fair Trade Learning recognizes that the individuals and communities that host students and volunteers are uniquely impacted by visitors and should be offered fair working conditions and compensation, hold significant voice in the orchestration of programming, and be offered proper professional development opportunities. Amizade pioneered this sector-changing approach to global service-learning, which is now being adopted by many universities and high schools around the country.



Equity & Inclusion

We believe that everyone should have access to transformative global education, and we work to make our programs—and the positive outcomes they create—more accessible to a broader audience every year. It is our goal to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe on our programs, regardless of background, identity, or beliefs.




We believe that technology is great, but it will not save us. Humans building solidarity together is more vital in solving the great problems of our time, and we need to teach and learn how to work with diverse networks.




The questions we face when engaged in intercultural service around the world are often difficult. And it can be challenging to stay connected to global civic engagement after a short-term experience. But Amizade believes strongly that it is important to continue asking: What is service? How have I learned from others’ cultures? What do I understand better about my own? How can I value others around the world, even from my home? What are the ways I can be a good global citizen right here? These are just a few examples, but Amizade encourages reflective inquiry throughout experiences and afterward.



Community-Driven Service

Amizade has a 25-year record of cooperating with communities on service that local individuals and organizations define and direct. We not only cooperate with communities on issue identification, but we also work collaboratively on project implementation, continuous evaluation, and regular improvements.


Amizade pioneered this sector-changing approach to global service-learning. Find out more.