March 29, 2012

by Amizade Global Service-Learning

March 29, 2012

Today was an extremely interesting day to say the least. The day was full of a variety
of experiences and wonderful opportunities. The day began with three of the seven
students traveling the ECI (pre) school to help with various tasks around the school.
It was amazing to see the capacity that the children who are only three to five years
old. They were all proficient at typing and it was amazing to see the aptitude that
the children shared for learning. The others of the group remained in the town of
Petersfield to assist with task in and around the community.

At around noon we traveled as a group to a local radio station, where several
members of the group and our facilitator were given their chance on the radio to
explain our program and the wonderful experience we were all having in Jamaica.
From the radio station we traveled to a spice factory to see the preparation and
packing process of many of the spices. The owners of the factory were very pleased
with our viewing and sent us away with a variety of free spices, calendars and pens.

After some down time, we were allowed a first hand experience into the AOC. We
sat in on an official AOC meeting where we were able to hear and see exactly how
the club works and learn of their future goals. To top off the very interesting day
we were transported to Negril where we went to a nightclub, which was similar
to the American night scene. After dancing into the late hours of the night the very
interesting day came to an end.