“Amizade has changed my life and allowed me to have a more complete understanding of both who I am and what I want to do in the future.”

Volunteers have the opportunity to serve with Amizade in several different capacities.

Faculty-Led Courses: While many of our Faculty-Led Courses are not open to the general public, some are. The courses tend to be credit-bearing, university-level programs, ranging from one week to full semesters. Learn more about our Faculty-Led Courses here.

Road Scholar at Amizade: Amizade has partnered with Road Scholar since 2003, offering service-learning opportunities to lifelong leaders in Poland and Bolivia. Learn more about Road Scholar at Amizade here.

Customized Group Programs: Customized group programs are not open to the public. Learn how to set up a customized group program for your university, high school, or community group here.

Individual Volunteer Placements: Individual placements are typically designed with volunteers with a particular focus or skill, looking to share with a community. They also tend to be better suited for a more independent experience. Placements range from 1 week to 3 months. Learn more about Individual Placements here.