Here, take the microphone

by Daniel Alexander

In today’s increasingly connected world, methods of communication are quickly evolving. Social media, while criticized for devaluing face-to-face human interaction, continuously offers new perspectives into people’s lives. The simple act of posting a ten-second clip on your Instagram story allows others to see the world through your literal lens. As more and more people become used to documenting their experiences through the framing of a smartphone, storytelling demands a more compelling approach in order to capture people’s attention.

At Amizade, our vision is to create a world where diverse communities connect freely, forge lasting relationships, and build a more just planet together. In our efforts to inspire empathy, catalyze social action, and link diverse communities, we utilize social media and storytelling tools to offer our network an eye into each and every Amizade program. That is why we are taking the platform of Instagram Stories and IGTV and compiling them into one easily accessible location in order to bridge the divide between our social media and website followers. When embedded within the longer blog posts that participants can also contribute to and no longer limited to a 24-hour lifespan, our audience can craft together a fuller narrative of the Amizade experience.

We are proud to hand over the mic and grant our volunteers complete control over their narrative in a way that we haven’t done before. The longer blog posts allow participants the opportunity to expand on how Amizade has affected their lives, while now incorporating the snippets and curiosities of social media content that add up to recreate almost the full experience. Take a dive into the Amizade volunteer lifestyle today!

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