Health and Safety: Zika Virus

by Bibi Al-Ebrahim

With over 9,000 safe placements over the past 22 years, Amizade values the relationships it has fostered with its community partners all over the world. We are working every day to closely monitor and inform our participants about issues affecting our world.  Amizade makes it a priority to maintain the health and safety of our participants.

Recently, Zika, a virus spread by infected mosquitoes, has gained some momentum in the press. With news of the outbreak affecting countries where Amizade serves, we, as an organization, are making strides to stay well informed and relay helpful tips to our participants. By working with our site directors, we are able to gain insight and knowledge on what is happening on the ground. After careful consideration and communication, Amizade is continuing to run programs safely in all of our sites. (Note:  There have been no reported cases of Zika in our sites in Brazil, Jamaica, Trinidad, or Bolivia. As of 2/7/2016)  

Amizade encourages all of its participants and partners to take precautionary measures when traveling to any of our sites. Women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant are discouraged from traveling to areas where the Zika virus is known to have been reported.  Travelers should wear long sleeves and pants when possible and bring personal DEET based bug spray, as well as Permethrin spray for clothes and shoes.  For more detailed information about symptoms, treatment, and precautions you can take to avoid the virus, we encourage you to review the assessment provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Zika Virus