Empathy is still alive

by Daniel Alexander

Dear Friends,

It may seem that our world is becoming less empathetic. Watching and reading the news is becoming harder and harder to do. Global injustices seem like the norm, and sometimes it feels as if no one cares, and it’s actually only going to get worse. I wish we could flip a switch and end racism or the global refugee crisis or the war in Syria, but we can’t. These are serious issues that will take an informed global citizenry who trust each other, are flexible, and open to collaboration. What we can do, and what Amizade has been fighting for over the last 22 years, is to link diverse networks, inspire empathy and civic engagement, and catalyze global social action. And while the terrible news stories will continue to flood our newsfeeds in the short-term, we must actively invest in the next generation’s ability to work together. Our work in creating the next generation of leaders has never been more important. Please consider supporting us by becoming a monthly donor at $10 or more – the same amount you probably pay Netflix each month.

You may be thinking that Amizade is too small to make the kind of impact needed to really change the world. Quite to the contrary, Amizade’s decentralized grassroots nature gives us a unique ability to create the the necessary leaders of the future – leaders who are empathetic, collaborative, and inclusive. If Amizade is anything, we’re a growing network of tens of thousands of people open to engaging and learning from each other in ways that have the potential to create very powerful social action. We already have a proven record of changing minds and adding important value to communities. But to make the world the place we know it can be, we need to grow this network, and catalyze other like-minded institutions. To do this, we need your support. If you’re an American, you already are spending on average over $900 per year on holiday shopping. I urge you to consider donating 1/10th of that to Amizade at the $90 level.

Our commitment to the world is more important today than ever before. We pledge to thwart isolationism with engagement. We will fight bigotry with empathy. And we will bridge a divided world by linking diverse networks – folks who otherwise would never talk or learn from one another. We may be 22 years old, and we may have already connected tens of thousands of people all over the world through life-changing service and learning, but our movement for a more linked and just world is just beginning. The quickest and easiest way to show your commitment to our movement, is to make a financial contribution to our mission.

Thank you for your support and have a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday season.


Brandon Blache-Cohen
Executive Director