Elizabethtown College and Amizade – Supporting Students Together Since 1962

by Daniel Alexander

Elizabethtown College and Amizade-BCA have been partners since BCA’s founding in 1962. Elizabethtown College students were some of the very first students to study abroad with BCA, boarding a ship bound for Marburg, Germany to participate in BCA’s first academic program abroad in 1962. Since then, more than 1,400 Elizabethtown College students have participated in programs in more than a dozen locations around the world. 

Elizabethtown College faculty and staff have supported BCA students all along the way. From faculty who were there on-site with our students in Strasbourg, France in 1963, to the advisors and staff today who assist Etown students in making their goals to study abroad possible, BCA and Elizabethtown College are committed to supporting students in their endeavors. 

Our students have researched treatments for breast cancer in Ecuador, interned with Serve the City in Brussels, and volunteered to help support access to free healthcare in New Zealand.  Our mutual alumni are Fulbright Scholars, Peace Corps volunteers, educators, and community leaders. Our partnership results in powerful outcomes for our students and the communities where they study and live. 

Amizade-BCA and Elizabethtown are connected by our shared values of service, education, and global citizenship which has formed the foundation of our long-lasting partnership.