Amizade recognizes that we alone cannot meet our bold mission.

As such, we’ve chosen to be as open-source of an organization as possible. It’s why we’ve catalyzed, but not owned, such sector changing concepts as Fair Trade Learning and The Global Switchboard. We offer our skills and time as consultants to other mission-driven organizations so that our innovative ideas and expertise in global service-learning, solidarity building, experiential education, and socially active and responsible educational travel can be shared far and wide. Our customizable services include:

  • Workshops and Trainings: Over the last two decades, Amizade has led hundreds of workshops and trainings on responsible global service-learning, facilitated reflection, innovative approaches to health, safety, and security, Fair Trade Learning, faculty preparation for abroad programming, community partnerships and solidarity building, and global engagement preparation and planning. Contact us now to learn more.

Past workshop: Facilitated Reflection Immersion Workshop

  • Retreats and Summits: Amizade loves organizing retreats and summits with its partners. There are few ways to become better equipped to lead transformative global engagement programs than to experience a small version yourself. Amizade can lead intimate and customizable retreats with your group at one of our community partner sites, at your institution, or at our office in Pittsburgh.  Amizade also leads periodic summits on global service-learning and reflective practice at locations around the country. Contact us now to learn more.
  • Institutional Planning: Amizade can assist with many elements of planning for new global initiatives, mission alignment, ethical partnership integration, and global service-learning curriculum development. Contact us now to learn more.