Global Service-Learning profoundly impacted my teaching and I use many of these strategies in any course I teach now.

Since 1994, Amizade has been a pioneer in the field of global service-learning. As a 20-year-old organization, we have had the opportunity to continuously learn and grow from our community partners, participants, staff, faculty members, and researchers. This has led to the creation and collection of tools and resources to facilitate targeted learning on our programs. These tools, resources, and syllabi have been assembled by Dr. Eric Hartman (Amizade Board Member) and others for your use as a resource as you develop your global service-learning program and can be found on is edited and overseen by researchers and practitioners who work with multiple methods and represent diverse fields, all concerned with the question of how to responsibly and ethically grow partnerships between educational institutions and communities.

GSL Tools and Syllabi

Amizade also partners with Cornell University and New York Campus Compact to offer an annual institute. Previous institutes have highlighted encouragement of institutional teams and the opportunity to workshop global service-learning programs during the institute, along with deep collaboration, communication with, and learning from like-minded peers. To learn more about the Global Service-Learning Institute, click here.