College Students: Travel Abroad for Spring Break

by Amizade Global Service-Learning

Spring break 2009 could be a life-changing week. This year you could spend your vacation soaking up the sun and meeting fascinating people while serving and learning in a new culture. Plus, you can receive up to three academic credits, the equivalent of a full semester class. Interested?

Amizade is offering three, week-long courses this spring with credits through West Virginia University. Each course incorporates community-driven service-learning, academic class work, and stimulating cultural events into a rich and unforgettable study abroad experience. These Amizade programs promise beautiful landscapes and the chance to stretch your global perceptions and personal assumptions.

“Globalization: A Jamaican Case Study,” in Petersfield, Jamaica, will be offered during University of Pittsburgh’s spring break (March 7-14). The two-credit course focuses on the sugar and tourism industries in Jamaica, allowing students to observe the effects of globalization on small communities firsthand.
“International Educational Issues” in Petersfield, Jamaica, will be offered during West Virginia University’s spring break (March 14-22). This course integrates service-learning in rural schools and intensive academic coursework to explore the complexity of education and challenges of development.
“Journey with Indigenous Cultures: Psychological Issues and Self-Awareness” will be offered in Tuba City, Arizona on the Navajo Nation during WVU’s spring break (March 14-22). The course examines the richness and complexity of cross-cultural interaction, challenging students to explore the psychological and social processes involved in cross-cultural contact.

Returned Amizade volunteers say these programs are truly fulfilling – a rare and unique life experience. The relationships forged across cultural boundaries as well as the satisfaction of volunteer work refresh and invigorate the human spirit. The scholarship application deadline is December 31, 2008. Visit or email to apply.