Amizade 20th Anniversary

Amizade is turning 20 and we want to celebrate with YOU!
The Amizade 20th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser brings together the Amizade Board, staff, alumni, supporters, and Site Directors from around the world for a celebration of 20 years of friendship, learning, and service.

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Chester Nez, Last of the Navajo Code Talkers

Chester Nez was among the first group of Navajo Code Talkers recruited in 1942, often referred to as the “Original 29.″ These 29 were the first to devise the code based on the Navajo language and chosen as a because its syntax and tonal qualities were almost impossible for a non-Navajo to learn, and it had no written form. The code was incredible successful and was never deciphered by the Japanese.

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Join an Amizade Open Group Program

Amizade Volunteers Serving with Challenging Heights in Ghana

Global Service-Learning isn’t just for students; over the last 20 years we’ve worked with volunteers ages 6 – 93! Open Group Volunteer Programs allow individuals, couples, or friends to join and serve with a group of other Amizade volunteers. Programs are scheduled throughout the year and across our sites and include winter escapes to Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Ghana as well as opportunities to explore Amazonian Brazil and the City of Eternal Spring in Bolivia.

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Save The Date!

Global Service Learning Institute

The 7th Annual Global Service-Learning Institute builds upon strengths in global service-learning pedagogy and program development through the integration of best practices in community-based planning, community development, and movement-building within global service-learning.

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WVU in Jamaica: Arriving in Petersfield

Jamaica is very overwhelming upon arrival. Everything is very fast paced. People are talking very quickly, moving rapidly, and all I can do is stand and stare at how beautiful everything is. There is so much green everywhere. The water looks so blue and so tempting.

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The 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi Edition

The 22nd Winter Olympics got started Friday in Sochi, Russia, the first Olympics held in the Russian Federation since the breakup of the USSR in 1991. During the games, there will be 98 events in 15 different winter sports, with 12 new competitions, including: biathlon mixed relay, women’s ski jumping, mixed-team figure skating, mixed-team luge, half-pipe skiing, ski and snowboard slopestyle and snowboard parallel slalom.

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The Ota Initiative: Endings and Beginnings

The Ota Initiative

The Ota Initiative, aiming to foster critical thinking skills that students can use to excel academically and in life general, wrapped up its inaugural program for elementary school students in Karagwe, Tanzania in December. The Ota Initiative aims to build skills that students can use to become confident, successful, engaged and inquisitive citizens.

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