From Ireland to the U.S.A.

Participants from Northern Ireland in New York City

As I waited in JFK airport for my group to arrive after their long journey from Belfast to New York City, I wondered how I would recognize them as they sauntered through the doorway. Then the light bulb went off, and I realized from this point forward I would know these guys from their strong Northern Irish accents and their gregarious conversations.

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"Why Go Back to Ghana?"

Writing about something that has had such a profound effect on your life – personally, academically, and professionally, is a daunting task. You want your readers to feel, see, and hear the same sights, emotions, and experiences that you felt. You want them to understand the connection you feel to the library, the clinic, your homestay family, and the community as a whole. You want to accurately answer the question you are asked on a regular basis, “Why go back to Ghana?”

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Amizade's 5th Annual Water Walk

Are you looking for an opportunity to act locally? Do you want to do your part to make a difference globally? Are you an Amizade alumnus that wants to continue to support Amizade’s global endeavors? The perfect opportunity is coming this spring: in April Amizade will hold its 5th Annual Water Walk—in Pittsburgh on Saturday, April 7 and in Morgantown, WV on Saturday, April 21. Join us and walk for a purpose.

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