Nina’s Here to Stay!

Join us in celebrating our new Assistant Program Coordinator, Nina DelPrato.  Nina is no stranger to Amizade, however.  As the…

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20 Years Time: While The Pirates Were Losing, The World Was Winning

On October 14, 1992 – the fateful end of the last Pirates winning season – the communities that Amizade works with looked very differently than they do today. In Brazil, the average person lived on less than a dollar per day. In Ghana, the community had no electricity, paved roads, or running water. The internet, ATMs, and cell phones didn’t exist at all in Tanzania, the GDP growth rate was nonexistent, swing, with bombings and targeted murders a weekly experience. To some of Amizade’s communities, 20 years ago wasn’t much different than 100 years ago.

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English Language and Culture in Pittsburgh

Amizade participants from Brazil tour Pittsburgh

One can read hundreds of quotations and advice about the benefits of travel, using the world as your classroom and venturing outside your comfort zone. But what happens when you have the privilege of meeting others from around the world…right in your own backyard?

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