Meet Steve

Meet Steve Thomas.  Actually, if you have been to  Amizade’s D.C. site, you probably already have.  Take it one step…

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From Ireland to the U.S.A.

Participants from Northern Ireland in New York City

As I waited in JFK airport for my group to arrive after their long journey from Belfast to New York City, I wondered how I would recognize them as they sauntered through the doorway. Then the light bulb went off, and I realized from this point forward I would know these guys from their strong Northern Irish accents and their gregarious conversations.

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A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of Washington, DC

Washington D.C., as we all know, is the capital city of the United States of America, a country that stands for freedom and possibilities, where anything imaginable is doable, a city that, for many, represents the American Dream. Here, Amizade volunteers serve and learn with the homeless and hungry, gaining a new perspective on the Nation’s Capitol.

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