Bringing Solar Energy to Schools in Tanzania

by Daniel Alexander

In November of 2017, Amizade began a collaboration with the All People be Happy Foundation, and our Karagwe based community partner MAVUNO, to provide solar energy to 10 primary schools located in the North-West region of Tanzania. Over the course of 12 months MAVUNO, led by Program Manager Charles Bahati, identified 10 primary schools in need of solar energy and oversaw the addition of the solar panels to each building. None of the schools assisted by the solar energy project had any form of electricity prior to the introduction of solar panels.

Thanks to the solar installations, the schools have had better lighting, resulting in longer hours, thereby allowing students to attend classes in the evenings. It also allowed students to return in the evenings in order to catch up on their studies and prepare for national examinations. All of the participating schools have reported an increase in overall attendance rates.

The addition of the panels has also provided a community space. Along with the addition of the solar panels, the All People Be Happy Foundation also provided televisions and radios to each school.  Many of the communities helped by this project were now able to come together in the evenings to listen to the radio or watch programs together. The schools have expanded their reach, and have not only become a safe space for children but now serves as a safe place where the community can come together.

The Collaboration between Amizade, the All People Be Happy Foundation, and MAVUNO has successfully provided communities with much needed “solar electricity.” Amizade is excited about the success of this project and we are looking forward to future collaborations.

The Solar Panels were installed in a local school in Tanzania.