Big News: Amizade and the AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation Have Become One

by Melissa Nix

We are honored to share that Amizade and the AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation have now become one organization, with one mission: to connect, inspire, and improve the lives of individuals and communities through global learning experiences and sustainable development projects. For 30 years Amizade has connected volunteers to sustainable projects around the world. For 17 years the AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation has initiated and supported innovative programs in education and training, healthcare, and sustainable agriculture. Together, our organizations have impacted over 1,000,000 people in over 30 countries around the world, inspiring over 30,000 volunteers and investing in over 100 sustainable projects. For such small organizations, our impact has been powerful and enduring, tackling some of the most pressing issues of our times. From working on life-improving solar projects in Tanzania to leadership development in Jamaica, our organizations have been partnering together since the very beginning of the Foundation’s creation. 

Our organization, now called AllPeopleBeHappy, will build a better world through collaborative projects and global experiences. Rooted in the same values that both organizations have been dedicated to for decades — like community-driven development — we will continue Amizade’s work in organizing safe, sustainable, and collaborative global learning experiences for all people. At the time, we will adapt the AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation’s past work to now be substantially more involved directly in community projects around the world. Our new combined vision is to build a world where all people have access to essential connections and resources to pursue their own happiness.

In the next few months, we will begin to build a network of communities around the planet who can learn from each other and flourish together. Our partners will collaborate with diverse groups of people — from far away universities and volunteers to industry experts and those with immense local knowledge — to help improve their regions. We will build sustainable development projects that focus on everything from innovative clean water projects to girls’ education programs. We will confront the biggest issues — hunger, climate change, and everything in between — with the smallest (and too often hardest-to-fund) innovations.

Together we will create life-changing connections and celebrate the incredible idea that friendship (amizade) is our world’s greatest currency

Amizade’s global experiences will continue to operate uninterrupted and remain rooted in the same values and approaches that we have employed for decades. In fact, we believe that our organization, AllPeopleBeHappy, will be better positioned than other like-minded organizations to amplify the volunteer, student, and community partner experience. In addition to funding direct impact projects and leadership fellowships, there will be new opportunities for innovative university-community, corporate-community, and cross-community engagement. By combining the power of volunteerism and direct impact funding, our ability to improve lives will be multiplied over and over again. Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements.

We’ve got a lot of work to do. If you’d like to get involved, now is the time to join our movement. Let us know that you’re all in by setting up a call with one of our staff members or donating now to support the new AllPeopleBeHappy.