Believe in the power of global education

by Daniel Alexander

On November 27th, Amizade participated in Give Big Pittsburgh, the annual day of giving in the city of bridges organized by the Pittsburgh Magazine and supported by other organizations in the area.

With the campaign “We Believe in the power of global education,” Amizade summoned powerful voices from our network to share inspiring reasons to believe in the work developed by our organization over the past 24 years. The campaign could be seen across multiple channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Thanks to the efforts of our network, Amizade was able to fundraise over $2,400 in one day which will be put towards our work in 16 communities and 12 countries around the world. You can still donate through the GBP portal or our Donate Page.

Additionally, our alumni responded to our call on Instagram Stories by answering the main question of our campaign: “Why does global education matter in today’s world?” Check out some of the answers.

Because our young people deserve global learning experiences no matter what!

Shared by Lauren Hall, Community partner from Northern Ireland

We can improve our country using other ideas, learning & helping to make it better!

Shared by Anghie Ruiz, Amizade’s Youth Ambassador from Peru

It helps us grow as young people.

Shared by Jamie Goodwin, Amizade Washington D.C. alum

I think today more than ever our lives have become global in itself, we have a better understanding of the world.

Shared by Ayita Verna, Amizade Brazil Alumna

Compassion and understanding of other’s people’s worlds are crucial.

Shared by Shannon Mashale, Amizade Puerto Rico alumna