Apply for the Global Social Action Accelerator

by Daniel Alexander

Amizade is beyond excited to announce the launch of our newest initiative: The Global Social Action Accelerator! As part of our mission to inspire empathy, catalyze social action, and link diverse communities through Fair Trade Learning, Amizade wants to invest in our alumni and community partners to catalyze social action around the world. The ​Amizade ​Global ​Social ​Action ​Accelerator ​(GSAA) will ​not ​simply ​provide the ​funding ​for these community ​projects, ​but ​will also ​be ​a ​comprehensive ​training, ​mentorship, ​and ​support program, ​offering ​professional ​development, ​skills-based ​training, ​and ​a ​network ​of mentors ​and ​colleagues ​to ​help ​amplify ​the ​efforts ​and ​successes ​of ​each ​community initiative.

Following ​the ​submission ​and ​review ​process, ​accepted ​projects ​will ​become ​part ​of ​the Fall ​2018 ​Amizade ​Global ​Social ​Action ​Cohort, ​be ​matched ​with ​a ​Project ​Mentor ​or Champion, ​and ​will ​participate ​in ​the ​1 ​year ​Global ​Social ​Action ​Accelerator ​program.

Learn more and apply today here!